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  1. Issues using SDLv2 with OSX Yosemite

    I've recently been exploring the possibility of starting a side project, a computer game to be specific. Its been a goal of mine for quite a while and I've had a pretty good idea of the type of game I want to create. I don't want this to be a…

    on sdl, osx, game development

  2. Multi-User Ghost Woes

    So I've recently begun setting up a Ghost blogging system internally at work. Its great for the team to capture what they're doing and present it to the rest of the community. The problem was that, with the advent of Ghost 0.5 and the ability to have multiple users,…

    on ghost blog, sql, mysql

  3. Clojure Namespaces

    Clojure has some amazing capabilities when it comes to namespaces and how they import their respective libraries, some more documented than others. That said I wanted to get a few examples down that I've learned to: hopefully help any others who might have some of the same issues I did,…

    on Clojure, clojure, namespaces

  4. Our Development Workflow

    For every development team, behind them lies a terrific development workflow. Until recently I hadn't found a great way to manage my own projects, let alone the projects for the team. We had migrated git instances more than I'd ever like in a few projects (another story), but never had…

    on git, development workflow

  5. HTML Templates in Clojure

    A few days ago I finally had my first project accepted into the Clojure toolbox called clj-template. I built it solely to rid myself of writing horrendous bracket-attribute style documents (i.e. HTML, XML) and let Clojure work its magic in my stead. Also, I know it isn't a huge…

    on Clojure, clojure, templates, html