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Tag: clojure

  1. Clojure Namespaces

    Clojure has some amazing capabilities when it comes to namespaces and how they import their respective libraries, some more documented than others. That said I wanted to get a few examples down that I've learned to: hopefully help any others who might have some of the same issues I did,…

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  2. HTML Templates in Clojure

    A few days ago I finally had my first project accepted into the Clojure toolbox called clj-template. I built it solely to rid myself of writing horrendous bracket-attribute style documents (i.e. HTML, XML) and let Clojure work its magic in my stead. Also, I know it isn't a huge…

    Clojure, clojure, templates, html

  3. Why use Clojure?

    I've seen a few posts now regarding why people should start using Clojure, but until recent events, I couldn't exactly place why I thought Clojure should be used over 'X' language. Now, after becoming a daily user of Clojure, I think I can make a good case for it. The…

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