This is my first post, and using the new Ghost blogging engine, so I want to quickly place a few items up here to get everyone acquainted.

What is Paradiso?

Paradiso is my attempt to document any and all crazy relevant thoughts I have. Is it for the rest of the world you ask? No, not necessarily. I've realized that someone's equity in this world is built upon their cumulative ideas and what better to hold those than this blog?! So anyways... It's more for me to present the knowledge and findings I learn from time to time in hopes that I can help those that stumble to this site.

This is also to act as a central repository for a vast majority of information on me that's already smattered across the internet. I've added a single information page which works roughly as a timeline / resume for major accomplishments, interests, career changes and advancements, as well as research.

What will the site cover?

Well that's easy, my passions! What are those? Well lets see here (and I'm certain this won't be a complete list)...

  • Technology
    • We're talking the major players with regard to applications (Storm, Titan, Accumulo, etc.), programming languages (Clojure!), or whatever else that piques my interest.
  • Aviation
    • I've (within the past year) completely fallen head-over-heels in love with aviation and, more specifically, aerobatics. That said there's likely to be a plethora of talk, pictures, and videos in this topic.
  • Philosophy and Culture
    • I'm not sure if this is the correct title I'm looking for, but I'm sure it will become more defined later. Topics under this umbrella will relate to things like origin of the neck tie, why we do 'X', etc. Like I said more later...

I think that covers it for the most part! Stay tuned as I actually start blogging!