Yesterday was the day! I've been flying with Bill for what is likely a few months, but the quest towards becoming a fully fledged aerobatic pilot took a leap forward when I finally earned his sign-off for...

  • tailwheel endorsement,
  • high performance endorsement,
  • and, finally, the coveted Pitts solo checkout.

I've logged roughly 15 hours so far in the Pitts with Bill and they have been some of the best and most rewarding flight moments I've had. After the sign off Bill told me a few stories which really put everything into perspective regarding endorsements and when someone is ready to be signed off.

The basic premise involved pilots who are now deceased because they were checked out in a plane they were mentally and physically not prepared for. The adage "He had more plane than he could handle" rang true in most cases after the NTSB worked out everything that had happened and friends spoke out regarding the incidents that occured. The moral of the stories peaked when it all came back to the ink Bill had written into my logbook.

I'll admit I don't know any other aerobatic instructors, but given Bill's ever-growing reputation I feel extremely proud to have earned his acceptance and sign-off on my abilities.

Next challenge? Time to go through the financials and figure out how to make owning a Pitts a possibility!

Be careful sky, there's another Pitts pilot coming for you...